Australian Labradoodle Medium Puppies – Guide & Tips

Australian Labradoodle Medium

The Australian Labradoodle Medium size captures the essence and appeal of this unique breed, combining traits of intelligence, friendliness, and hypoallergenic qualities. Standing between 17 to 20 inches in height and weighing around 30 to 45 pounds, medium Australian Labradoodles fit comfortably into many living environments, from apartments to larger homes with yards. Their size is intentionally bred to host the well-loved characteristics of the Labradoodle in a more compact form, maintaining the sturdy build and athletic nature suited for a variety of activities.

With a history stretching back to a mix including Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, and Spaniels,Australian Labradoodle Medium benefit from a rich genetic tapestry that influences their temperament and physical features. Their social and trainable nature, combined with a low-shedding coat, make them an ideal choice for families, including those with allergy sufferers. The care of these dogs involves regular grooming and exercise, ensuring they remain healthy and well-adjusted companions.

Key Takeaways

Origins and Breed History of Australian Labradoodle Medium

An Australian labradoodle medium stands proudly, showcasing its curly coat and friendly demeanor. The breed's origins and history are hinted at through its confident stance and distinctive features

The Australian Labradoodle is more than a crossbreed; it has become a breed of its own through careful and deliberate breeding practices. Your understanding of this breed’s history begins with the Labradoodle, a blend of the Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.

  • 1980s Australia: The vision for a hypoallergenic guide dog catalyzed the Labradoodle’s origin. Breeding aimed to combine the Labrador’s disposition with the Poodle’s non-shedding coat.
  • Breeding Expansion: Further development of the breed saw the introduction of other spaniel breeds, such as the American Cocker Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, and Cocker Spaniel.

This journey towards perfection sought a dog with a friendly temperament, intelligence, and minimal shedding; a blessing for allergy sufferers. By Australian Labradoodle Medium selecting the best traits of these breeds meticulously over generations, a new multi-generational breed came to life: the Australian Labradoodle.

Your recognition of the Australian Labradoodle today encompasses not just its hypoallergenic coat and service dog capabilities, but also its standing as a separate breed. Breeders have established it through multi-generation breeding programs, ensuring consistency in health, temperament, and physical attributes. This is not merely a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle anymore; it’s the outcome of years of dedicated breeding to forge a distinct and reliable breed.

Breed Characteristics

An Australian labradoodle stands proudly, medium in size with a curly coat and expressive eyes, exuding intelligence and friendliness

When looking at the medium Australian Labradoodle, you’re exploring a breed known for its friendly demeanor, range of coat colors, and intelligent yet active nature. These dogs are crafted for companionship and adaptability, with physical and behavioral traits that cater to a variety of lifestyles.


The medium Australian Labradoodle stands proudly between 17 to 20 inches in height and weighs approximately 30 to 45 pounds, embodying a balanced stature. Your Australian Labradoodle’s spectrum of colors includes black, white, red, cream, chocolate, apricot, silver, and parti. Each dog carries an individual charm, expressed through these rich and diverse color options.


Your medium Australian Labradoodle is a testament to a friendly and well-rounded character. They inherit an admirable intelligence from their Poodle ancestry and a loyal, easy-going temperament typical of Labradors. You’ll find that their energy levels are high, propelling them towards an active lifestyle, yet they can also showcase impressive calmness and patience within a family setting.

Coat Types

One of the Australian Labradoodle’s distinctive features is its coat type. Offering a variety that includes curly, wavy, and wool or fleece textures, you can be confident in finding puppies that are either non-shedding, hypoallergenic, or low shedding. This adaptability not only suits different individual preferences but also caters to owners with allergies.

Your medium Australian Labradoodle’s coat requires regular grooming to maintain its condition and keep it mat-free. Regular brushing and professional grooming are crucial to their care, especially for the hypoallergenic and non-shedding varieties to maintain their desirable qualities.

Health and Care

An Australian labradoodle medium receiving health and care, with grooming tools and a caring handler in a bright, clean environment

When providing health and care for your Australian Labradoodle, it’s essential to maintain regular grooming, provide sufficient exercise and mental stimulation, and be aware of specific health concerns. Proper care will enhance your dog’s quality of life and can prevent health issues.


Your Australian Labradoodle’s coat requires consistent care. Brushing several times a week is necessary to avoid matting and to keep the coat looking its best. Pay close attention to ears and eyes during grooming sessions to prevent infections. It’s recommended to trim the nails regularly to avoid discomfort and mobility issues.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Australian Labradoodles are known to be energetic and thrive with regular exercise. Aim for daily walks and play sessions to keep your dog physically fit. Mental stimulation is just as important; activities like puzzle toys or obedience training should be part of the routine.

Health Concerns

Keep an eye out for health problems common to the breed, such as progressive retinal atrophy. A balanced diet with measured portions and limited treats can help prevent obesity, which is a risk for many dogs. Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial to catch and manage any health issues early.

Living with an Australian Labradoodle

An Australian labradoodle is playing in a spacious living room, surrounded by toys and a cozy dog bed. The sunlight streams in through the windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere

When you bring an Australian Labradoodle into your home, you’re inviting not just a pet, but a full-fledged family member into your life. This breed’s reputation as affectionate and loving is well-deserved, making them an excellent match for families with children. They are inherently social, thriving on interaction and fitting seamlessly into your family dynamics.

The Australian Labradoodle is often celebrated for its pleasant personality, which makes them not just a joy to have around the house but also easy to train. This trait is particularly why they are often chosen as guide dogs or service dogs. They respond well to positive reinforcement, so with patience and consistent training, you will find them to be eager learners.

Allergy-friendly coats of this breed are an added advantage for those with sensitivities, as they are known for minimal shedding. However, they still require regular grooming to keep their coat in good condition.

Here are key considerations when living with an Australian Labradoodle:

  • Space: While adaptable to various living conditions, they are medium-sized dogs that appreciate space to roam and play. Even if you live in an apartment, ensure regular exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Commitment: Be prepared to invest in regular grooming, training, and socialization to keep your Labradoodle happy and well-adjusted.
  • Health: Obtain your puppy from a reputable breeder to ensure they have a healthy start in life. The Australian Labradoodle Association of America is a resource for finding breeders who adhere to high standards.
  • Community: Australian Labradoodles are very social; plan for dog parks and puppy playdates to keep them engaged.

By integrating an Australian Labradoodle into your lifestyle, you’re getting a loyal companion keen to participate in all your family adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering adopting a medium Australian Labradoodle, you likely have questions about their size, lifespan, maturity, and care needs. This section answers common inquiries to help you understand what to expect.

What is the expected size and weight of a full-grown medium Australian Labradoodle?

A full-grown medium Australian Labradoodle typically stands 17 to 20 inches tall and weighs between 30 and 50 pounds. Their build is described as compact and athletic.

How long is the average lifespan of a medium Australian Labradoodle?

Medium Australian Labradoodles generally live for 12 to 16 years, offering a long companionship, assuming they receive proper care and a healthy lifestyle.

What is the variety of sizes available for Australian Labradoodles?

Australian Labradoodles are available in several sizes: miniature, medium, and standard, with the medium size being one of the most popular choices for families.

How do I find reputable medium Australian Labradoodle breeders?

To find reputable breeders, look for those who are transparent about their breeding practices and can provide health clearances for the puppies’ parents. Start your search with recognized organizations like the Australian Labradoodle Association of Europe.

At what age is a medium Australian Labradoodle considered fully mature?

Medium Australian Labradoodles are typically considered fully mature by the age of 11 to 13 months, which is when they reach their full height and weight.

Are there specific care requirements for medium Australian Labradoodles?

Yes, medium Australian Labradoodles have specific care requirements that include regular grooming due to their coat type, exercise to maintain their athletic build, and mental stimulation for their intelligent mind.

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